Lynx Easy Button (Beta) Overview

The Easy Button is currently in beta and only supported for EOS on Google Chrome.

The Lynx Easy Button gives users a simplified and secure way to interact with your app. Users click on the button on your website and it will open your app from within the Lynx Wallet on the user's native environment (Desktop or Android). In the case Lynx Wallet is not installed, the button will redirect the user to the Lynx Wallet downloads page or respective app store.

How the button works

Before you begin, here's a big-picture view of the Lynx Easy Button integration:

Easy Button Integration Graphic

  1. Add the Lynx Easy Button code to your website.
  2. Your users click on the button.
  3. The button launches your app from within the Lynx Wallet.
  4. The users are now navigating through your app and signing transactions.

Add the button to your website

Finding your App ID

Enter your app name below so we can find your App ID and generate the code to open it in the Lynx Wallet.